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Reality Show Star Olesya Yermakova - Her Real Life and Shows

Reality Show Star Olesya Yermakova - Her Real Life and Shows

By Olga Sokolova

LondonInfo spoke to a charming lady, Olesya Yermakova, who is famous for bringing Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson to Moscow and winning one of the top-rated reality shows in Russia “Holostyak” ( The “Bachelor” ).

LI: Olesya, please tell us how did you manage to bring the Top Gear crew to Russia?

OE: Top Gear goes Live around the world for more than5 years. Many generations have grown up on this TV show, it has millions of fans all around the world and Russia is not an exception. For Russia, where half of population is interested in the show, to bring Top Gear became a “must have”. In Moscow it was a totally “sold-out” event, we gathered crowds of people and I am sure next time, which is March 2014 Moscow and St.Petersburg, we will get even more.

LI: Top Gear is very popular with Russians, the number of visitors was that a surprise for you?

OE: Funnily enough, until it all actually happened nobody believed that Jeremy Clarkson would really come to Russia.

LI: How did he like Russia?

OE: Jeremy is a very intelligent person and obviously he was astonished by Russia’s culture and history. Especially Red Square strikes him in silence. He is interested in Russian literature as well

LI: Excellent! Tell us how did you feel working with the British team, compared to Russia’s?

OE: From the first minute of the show I worked with the British team, where everything is clear both in the broadcasting process of the live show and between members of the team. You will never hear any swear words or insults. If someone makes a mistake, he will know it and improve. As simple as that - all conflicts are easily resolved. When you work with Russians, they have a habit to point out gaffs to each other, put fault or responsibility on someone else’s shoulders. It happens constantly and I believe that’s what makes the biggest difference.

LI: So you are saying that the British team is a dream team?

OE: Yes, they are so inspiring! It was a great pleasure and a great experience (smiles).

LI: You have been in events management for many years and you know the inside of the broadcasting process and realities. How did it happen that you participated in the reality “Holostyak” ( the “Bachelor”) show?

OE: We were filming a documentary about intuition and I decided to check on mine (laughing). At that time I was trying to go with the flow, in everything I did. My friend messaged me an announcement about the casting to the reality show and I felt like trying this adventure, filled in the form, enclosed photos and left for vacation.


LI: So you left destiny to make a decision for you?

OE: Yes, kind of. As I refused to cancel my trip, I was sure that by the time I returned, they would already have finished all the castings and there would be no place for me, but it happened differently. Literally when I landed in Moscow, I was contacted by the casting director saying they waited for me and right from the airport I ran to shoot the profile.

LI: I heard you did not know who the actual Bachelor was until you met him on the first day of shooting? What was your first impression of Evgeniy (Author: Evgeniy Levchenko - famous Ukranian footballer )?

OE: Yes, that’s true. The producers of the show kept the intrigue till the very end. When I got out of the limo I immediately knew Jenya is a footballer by the way he stands (laughing). I’d never heard of him before, but I was not disappointed, was pleasantly surprised by his appearance, as he had everything I usually like in man. The only thing left was to understand what he hides inside.

 LI: Did you feel during the show that you appealed to each other more than the other participants?

OE: Yes, I definitely felt this, especially closer at the final parts of the show. But it was a mystery to me if he felt and saw the same. During all the show I never had any hesitation that he’s my kind of person and all our dates felt like the right thing. But in spite of the circumstances I never had a strategy to “attaché” him with my attention, after each of my moves towards Jenya I was expecting some steps and signals from him and it worked.

LI: I cannot imagine how is it to build a relationship with a man competing with almost 30 other contestants. How were your relations with the other competitors?

OE: Well, first of all my communications with the other girls can be divided into 3 steps – first during the show, second while the show started on TV and lastly – the post show period, when all the girls had seen and heard what each of them was saying to the cameras during the show or in interviews and so on. I am not a conflict person at all and I escaped pretty well from any sharp situations during the show, but in fact we were all quite friendly to each other in real life, as the common mode of life unites people a lot. Only when we got to the final 3, the temptation grew at times and girls started to act isolated and reserved, which led to mistrust, but life put everything on it’s place.

LI: Evgeniy chose you as his fiancé you started a beautiful story of your relationship in real life, why did it not work out?

OE: We used to have very strong emotions of falling in love with each other and those emotions had very high potential to become real feelings, but we did not work hard enough, let’s put it like this. We had difficult moments, they gathered and gathered until we decided to break up, we have stayed friends though.

LI: Do you feel disappointed?

OE: Not now. I guess everything which does not happen means God’s protection. I am grateful to Evgeniy for everything and wish him all the best, we still communicate occasionally. These relations brought me to many conclusions. Mainly, that now I know how I would love to feel near my man. And it’s definitely not a strong woman who is morally stronger then her partner. My second half should respect my achievements and let me grow by his side. It’s nice, when a man allows you to be weak at some point, which does not lead to lack of respect towards his and yours unique personalities. Near my man I would love to feel myself a female, who can be called a kitten, not a leader

(instagram credits: Insta: olesyayermakova)

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